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Our company policies reflect our values and can be supplied upon request; our values are who we are.


  • Health and safety is paramount to the success of our people and our company. Nothing is more important than safety, an incident resonates throughout the company. Control of health and safety is reached by a co-operative effort at all levels within the company, understanding of risks and how to 

eliminate or at least control them, this involves input from all. Random drug and alcohol testing is undertaken and the facilities to self- test are available at any given time. Effective health and safety management is based on a common understanding of risks and how to control them, this involves input from all.  The preservation of both human and physical resources is ultimately a decision that affects all involved in the drilling team.

  • Grid Drilling will always endeavour to supply our client with a quality product by providing trained and competent staff, modern equipment and methods, latest communication devices and well maintained machinery and consumables.


  • We will keep our company financially secure and well managed allowing our client to have confidence in our ongoing ability to provide a quality and uninterrupted service.


  • Grid Drilling recognises the need to preserve the environment whilst meeting a client’s requirements and are dedicated to ensuring environmental responsibility is part of normal activities.


  • We accept and respect the rights of aboriginal Australians and will recognise and respond appropriately to the changing rules and regulations of a particular area, heritage or cultural site.


  • We believe in being an equal opportunity employer.

ABN: 97 141 366 298 

We proudly


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