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diamond drilling on a minesite


Grid Drilling Pty Ltd was formed in January 2010 as a private company, a boring and drilling contractor committed to work with our clients to understand their needs and requirements to achieve the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders.


Grid Drilling recognises that a company is only as good as it employees and to that extent we actively undertake as much relevant training as possible and endeavour to upskill our workforce to benefit all stakeholders. We wish to see our company and employees grow together.


Grid Drilling supports the local community where we are contracted by using local businesses and services as much as possible.


Whilst Grid Drilling is determined to remain a profitable business we will not compromise our safety standards or quality of work. We have comprehensive workplace health and safety systems and use a cloud based WHS monitoring system.

Grid Drilling is an equal opportunity employer paying above award wages for our employees and with an        excellent safety record. We have full insurance and are compliant with all Worksafe Australia requirements.

About the Managing Director – Wayne Gridley has 35 years drilling experience throughout Australia, Africa, New Guinea and New Zealand. He is passionate about the drilling, discovery and development of new resources. Wayne’s drilling experience includes extensive remote work, RC, diamond, water well construction, the use of BOP and heli-portable work drilling for coal. He is fully involved with the day to day running of the rigs and liaising with both client and staff. Over the last 5 years he has been increasing the water boring capability of the company and has become a Qld licensed water bore driller himself. 

remote exploration drilling

ABN: 97 141 366 298 

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